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Pennzoil Oil For over 20 years, Pennzoil has been the #1 selling motor oil in America. Pennzoil is the brand of motor oil consumers most trust and with the most brand equity in the industry. Being a #1 brand is also about technological leadership. Pennzoil is committed to being on the forefront of innovation and with the cleansing and protection offered in today’s Pennzoil motor oil portfolio, Pennzoil continues to set the standards for the lubricants industry. In 2010, Pennzoil introduced its next generation of Pennzoil motor oils. As the brand has engineered its motor oils to provide consumers with the best cleansing Pennzoil® oils ever, the new portfolio of products, which includes five Pennzoil® motor oils, is elevating cleansing and engine protection beyond industry requirements. Every Pennzoil motor oil has been formulated to clean even better! The tiered portfolio includes the ultra-class synthetic Pennzoil Ultra™, Pennzoil Platinum® full synthetic, Pennzoil Gold™ synthetic blend, Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® and Pennzoil® conventional motor oils.